Hosting & Data Center Provider

Liquid Server Inc. is a privately held startup company found in 2014 with one wholy-owned 2 datacenters in Eastern Europe, Ukraine and North America, Canada. We strive to take leader positions in enterprise hosting industry by providing the best products with unwavering dedication to customer service and the needs of our customers. 
We control 100% of our entire product development chain, i.e. design and put together servers, takes care of the maintenance of datacenters and customer follow-up. 
Support Staff
Currently we employ four Cisco certified specialists and other professionals in server setup, automated systems management, networking, security and system restoration. Our online support is available on business hours through chat and technical staff will resolve any possible issues 24/7.
Pricing Policy
As a relatively young company we entirely dedicated to price reducing options to minimize the cost and provide best possible service at great prices.
Most large hosting providers have bi-procesor Windows dedicated servers starting at $500+/mo, while our offer is only $249 for the full package including license and CAL, no hidden fees or overhead cost. By comparing offers of a different hosting companies, please keep in mind that you don't need to pay hundreds of dollar for expensive Windows Server 2012 R2 license per each core/CPU when you order from Liquid Server as it's already included in all packages for free.
Our company does not charge VAT customers from EU, no sales tax for US customers, all taxes and fees already included into final price.
Electricity prices are the cheapest for business users in whole CEE (Centeral and Eastern Europe) region. Besides by getting rid of electric air conditioning, we have reduced the amount of energy consumed by datacentre to 66% of its initial consuption. 
We truly belive our hosting service can be considered the most flexible among competitors. Don't hesitate contacting us throght online chat or by using Contact us form to find out about other options and licenses currently not offered directly with enterprise server packages. This can include, but not limited to additional IP addresses, NAS, vRack, GPU, hardware Firewall and anti DDoS, Remote Backup, or such software licenses as enterprise Antiviruses, Internet Security software, Design and Graphics software as Adobe, Corel, FileMaker Server/Client.